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100% Profit Forex Strategy

100% Profit Forex Strategy - Believes you that there is actually a Forex strategy that can be 100% profit? You have to believe ...!

Previous please distinguish between 100% win with a 100% profit. When we measure an accuracy, of course no such thing as time variable. That span of time required to calculate the total data to be in the calculations.

So, if it is so because every transaction we have the possibility to win or lose, then the longer the time span to calculate the data, the more likely in that time frame we have a So losing transaction within the time span accuracy of victory is getting smaller.

So in conclusion in a particular time frame is still possible there is a strategy which transaction is 100% win. For 100% win, we must focus on the quality of the analysis.

What strategies are 100% profit?

Same with a 100% win strategy, within a certain time-frame there must be a strategy that can generate profit. This means that this strategy does not focus victory in every transaction, but rather focus on the end of a definite period profit.

100% profit so the strategy is more focused on money management.


I have a strategy that in one week 100% sure profits of $ 100.

Note that here the function of the strategy is to make sure that every week 100% should profit of $ 100. Thus no matter how many percent victory, which is important every week certainly profit $ 100.

So it could fill my strategy rules like this:

1. Entry point using analysis kross golden MA

2. Target every transaction is 10 points

3. Lot each transaction is 0.1, so the profit of each transaction is $ 10

4. If I lose the transaction, future transactions using the martingale system.

5. Once the results of the transaction in the week reached $ 100 profit. I stopped to trade until the following week.

6. The next step is to apply the rules of discipline strategies.

From the example above we now know that the 100% profit Forex strategy is there, just need to limit the time of use that strategy .And you can create it yourself.

Pyramid Forex Trading Strategy

Pyramid Forex Trading Strategy - Pyramiding Forex trading Strategy its goal to double its profit. the way it works is similar to the Anti-Martingale strategy, which adds to the previous position when the position was profit with reason and hope that the market will continue to move in accordance with our predictions.

Advantages of using a strategy of pyramiding is that in a period of a few transactions could generate more profit. Maybe in real life this is called "Aji Mumpung". Because it is so favorable conditions, we do transactions as much as his chance only came one time.

The disadvantage is only when the market reverse direction or reversal, of the last open position into a loss, thus reducing the total profit earned.

The difference between the strategy of pyramiding with anti-martingale strategy is simply a matter of capital used pyramiding strategy .On the capital used for each transaction equal So that the magnitude of the risks associated with opening a new position at the risk of his previous position.

Examples of the use of strategies pyramiding:

Currently the GBP / USD is worth 1.5500. I predict prices will rise, therefore I open a BUY position at the level of 1.5500 for 1 lot.
After 1 hour turned out to be the market moves up to the 1.5525 level. Instead I closed position, I analyze the results .And I predict that there will be a long bullish trend.

By because it is , for now Seang profit and conditions are good, then I should not be menyi-nyikan this opportunity to open a new Buy position at the level of 1.5525 at 0.1 lot, then up again after I open a new buy position again at the 1.5550 level.Thus I currently have 3 pieces Buy position.

After a while, now the price is at the level of 1.5600, meaning that the three positions I buy my profit .Then third close that position because I predict the price will reverse direction.

From the above transactions the profit I get is:

The first long position profit of 100 points or $ 100
buy position both profit by 75 points, or $ 75
and the third position by 50 points or a profit of $ 50

So the total profit is $ 225.

Try to imagine supposing I did pyramiding strategy, maybe I just profit of $ 100 only.

There are two keys to success that must be considered in using these pyramiding strategy, namely:

1. Before doing pyramiding you must make sure that while the future will be a trend of length
2. Immediately close the position when predicting the price will reverse direction.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Best Forex Trading Strategy

Best Forex Trading Strategy - Actually there are many models of Forex trading strategies that can give us an advantage. When viewed from the trading way, we can use the blind trading strategies and strategy analysis.

Examples of blind trading strategy is the most popular 2-way trap strategy. In this strategy we did analysis where entry more rule is a trap when it will be released news ber big impact. Assuming that when news of a large Ber impact (can be seen in the Forex factory) published market will move in one direction at a short distance before the news was published long. so that we can put a buy stop order and a sell stop order at once.

When news release , graphs will touch one stop order we'll keep going away. At the time of the execution of one of the orders that we close the order that they open. With so we have a position in line with the market. And the result is of course profit.

Unlike the blind trading strategy, analysis focused strategy with a victory at the entry point. Arguing that there should be a clear reason why the market moves and we opened positions. Is it because the market is already saturated, breakout, form a new trend, nor is there deviation on the market.

But whatever kind of strategies to be used, it is best Forex strategy trading strategy that is simple and able to run and certainly could generate profit.

If you do not currently have the best Forex strategies for yourself the following guide to make the best Forex strategy:

1.Specify your entry point

Choose one of the entry points that you will use, among others:
- When the market was at the peak or valley
Characteristics: Indicators declare saturated and shrinking candlestick

- At the time of the breakout
Characteristics: There candlestick broke support / reisitance, Bollinger band widened and volumes greater than ever

- At the Trend begin to form
Characteristics: Formed valley is higher than previous valley or peak lower than the previous peak,
or moving average cut chart.

- At the moment the market is not reasonable
Characteristics: Graphics move is not in line with the indicator.

After determining one of the four entry points above, that you will only open a position if you hold the entry point appears. While you look at the entry point, but if not than you can hold, then do not trade. If you break a trading mentality when you definitely broken.
If the already familiar and proficient then you should enter the market at any time.

2. Determine the appropriate target profit analysis

If your daily profit target is only slightly eg 5-10 point there is no need to analyze it to determine the target profit. But if not, specify the target profit by analysis.

The condition normally market will move towards further price limitations, in this case the support or resistance. So the true profit target is around support / resistance.

If the entry point of you is the condition of breakout and unnatural, the profit target could be right on support / resistance next, or some point after support / resistance, because the power breakout and market unnatural is relatively large, and thus more able to touch support / resistance next.
While if you use other entry points, set a profit target some point prior support / resistance.

3. Make sure the plug stop-loss each transaction

Because there are times when predictions are wrong, then do not let one mistake that destroys our trading. Limit loss due to the prediction is wrong to cut loss at the proper stop loss level.

Level stop loss which really is at the level where if graphic touch that level then we can realize that we prediction previous wrong and we could see the direction the market is further true.
One stop losses that you can use is a point of parabolic .

4. Set the type of risk management to be used

Perhaps this is the most rarely used by traders, especially beginners. Stoploss function only limit losses in order not to grow large. While fingsi risk management is to eliminate losses and even reverse the situation so profit or loss.

Select the management of risk below to be used when you lose positions:

- Switching, namely: Close the position being a loss and open a new position in the opposite direction from the closed position.
- Averaging, namely: Open a new position with the same direction with the position being loss .And close all positions if the total value of open positions moderate profit or break even.
- Martingale, namely: Let ter losing positions closed. Then open a new position with a bigger capital.
- Hedging, namely: Leaving a losing position is open, and open a new position opposite to the position of the losers. Then if the direction is clearly visible its market, closed one wrong position.

5. Prepare a way to maximize profits

Because our target is profit, we need to set up what should be done when conditions are in our favor so that the profit is the very maximum.
Use pyramiding technique or techniques snowball effect.

The trick is if the position is open on good days, and you see the price they will move further away then the options:
1. Open a new position is in line with the position that was profitable, and then close all positions when the profit is already a lot.
2. Open a new position with a capital of more big. Then closed position to secure profit on good days.

6. Decide what should be done if the profit target has been achieved today.

Although the strategy that you have to produce a profit as much as anything, but when the daily profit targets has been reached, stop doing trading. Take a break and continue tomorrow. Because the goal is actually the best strategy is to accelerate its master in order to achieve a profit more quickly to rest.

By applying to the six above guidelines then in general this means that we know when to enter the market, where the aim, when to exit the market, what to do if the direction we are wrong, then what should be done so quickly to on purpose, and what should done when it reaches the destination.

That's guide to making the best Forex strategy .Hopefully after reading this you can design and build the best Forex strategy that suits your trading style.

Trap 2 Directions Forex Strategy

Trap 2 Directions Forex Strategy - Trap 2 Directions is a Strategy that can generate huge profits when the market touches a stop order that we install.

Called Trap is because here we do not predict where the market direction, but rather attempt to capture early market movement before it moves further away.

Which became the trap itself is a buy stop order and stop sell order that we tide. When market touched one of the stop order means that the market has entered into a trap us.And we automatically include our position with subsequent market movements.

The basis of the strategy made traps 2 in this direction is that the market was moving due to the issuance of a news fundamental. more and more huge impact the news then the longer the market will move.

Its most important a is that the movement of the market after the news release straight. Oleh Therefore if the market hit a stop order us and continue moving forwards then we stop order would result profit.

Rule strategy trap two directions:

1. Check the Forex calendar: You can see when a message with a large impact will be released on the Forex calendar belongs Be marked usually a big impact with red color . Example news with great impact it is NFP (non farn payroll) are published each Friday in the first week of each month.

2 . See hours of the news release: moments before the news was published, for example 30 minutes or one hour, we make line support and resistance that is closest to the current price.

3. Once the support and resistance lines drawn , put a stop buy order a few points above the resistance, such as 10 points, with 100 points profit targets eg. As well as put a stop sell order 10 points below the support that been drawn.

4 . To anticipate market hoax: put a stop loss for a buy stop order on the support line. And put a stop loss order to sell at resistance.

5 . Wait until the news was released: after one of the orders was touched, cover other orders.

That's the way to use 2-way trap strategy on the news as a big impact.

In addition to use at the time published fundamental news, 2-way trap strategy can also be used on a day - day ordinary. That is on the European currency.

The reason is that the new European market was opened around 13:00 pm. And prior to the European session opened, the quiet market conditions so that the graph horizontal. After European session opened he would be moving on to the length of the daily candle above 100 points.

By because that's before the European session opened and when the market landscape, we find support and resistance its closest. Then we put a stop buy order and a sell stop order as shown above.

What distinguishes the two directions strategy trap on the news as a big impact with the strategy that is used daily simply a matter of profit targets. The strategies used by normal day profit target set 50-70 points only.

That discussion about Forex Trap 2 Directions strategies . hopefully can be applied and useful for your trading.

System Trading Forex

System Trading Forex - System Trading Forex is a set of rules that will be executed when we perform Forex trading.

So it could be likened to that system Forex trading as Forex trading activity events arrangement we .With their trading system we can see the results of our strategy and we can evaluate the results so that we can continue to improve this trading system in order to achieve maximum results in the future.

The use of a trading system which distinguishes between experienced traders who are able to reap the benefits consistently with the novice trader who is full of encouragement and hope to profit from Forex.

Trader who are experienced have a trading system that actually he controls and he is trading in accordance with the system. While the novice trader does not have a clear trading system and make transactions just by intuition and basic principles, namely "buy when prices are low and selling when the price is high"

The principle of buying when the price is low and sell when prices are high indeed, but in Forex trading recognize 'a high price' or 'current low prices' is not easy. Therefore, it takes a good Forex trading system which, although not able to recognize the point of lowest price or highest price point but can still make a profit.

System trading is actually a combination of technical analysis and money management. So that the trading system that consists of:

1 . Rules determining the amount of each transaction lot

This is the earliest money management is done before trading. Determining the size of the transaction lot is useful in addition to achieving the desired profit within the specified time also to avoid a margin call.

Imagine for example you have a capital of only $ 400, but open positions with 1 lot where 1 his lot $ 350, what would happen? Only with a market move in opposite directions some point you just have been hit by margin call.unfortunately again if it turns out after you are exposed to a margin call market-turn into the direction of your analysis.

Therefore, the magnitude of the lot size on every transaction should be calculated taking into account the losses incurred are ready, within a margin call as well as the resilience of capital if you lose the first transaction.

According to a senior trader reasonable limitation loss of each transaction up to 5% of the total capital .Therefore use the lot size if you hit your stop losses just lose a maximum of 5% of capital alone.

2. Rules entry point opening position

According to the basic principle that if you buy it should be when prices are at the lowest position, and vice versa when it sells when the market should be in the highest position. But in Forex trading we should not get hung up on the principle that there are three main doors that can be used to enter the market and it proved able to provide a profit that is entered at the threshold of the trend, entered when the price starts to move and get in when the price is clearly visible Such moves:

3. The stop loss rules

Because not every prediction we always correct it is necessary to set limits which we are sure if the price touches the limit further price direction would be contrary to our predictions. Thus we can avoid losses grew as a result of maintaining the wrong position.

4. The rules target profit

Although the target profit is the amount of profit to be achieved, but should still be realistic, must be adapted to the type of entry points and strategies. Target profit scalping more use point scale eg 5-10 points. Target profit could be longer trending usually line support / resistance breakout next .While profit targets are in addition to the line of support / resistance could be the next breakout point range with peaks / valleys before the breakout. Because many experts say that breakout means already half way.

5. The rules of exit points closing position

Sometimes even though we have an open long position but has not touched a profit target or stop loss, and thus we can close the following reasons:

- The condition is currently profit and predicted prices would not touch the target profit as it will reverse direction.

- The current condition is loss, but if left unchecked will soon touch stop-loss

6. Risk management rules

When we opened the position we should not think that we must make a profit, we also have to prepare the next step supposing positions open that we were a loss or even touch stop-loss.

For a position that was a loss but have not touched stop-loss, we can use the option:

- Hedging, or locking, if we do not know when the next market direction

- Averaging, if we believe the price will soon be turning directions corresponding prediction

- Switching, if we believe the current position is wrong and we have a new prediction

For positions that have losses due to touch stop-loss, we can use the martingale system on future transactions.

7. Rules Management profit

By the time we gain position, certainly this makes us happy .However than that actually this is an opportunity to make a larger profit again. Oleh therefore we also need to prepare what steps can make our profit is maximized.

To maximize profit we can use the technique of pyramiding or also anti martingale.

With this rule seventh a formed was trading system is ready to run, ready to hold you back from defeat and are ready to provide maximum profit.

Over time if we regularly pass pattern described above, Forex trading system that we have increasingly become perfect. This is our weapon to achieve a profit.

That discussion briefly about Forex trading system, for those of you who have been trading without trading system, immediately try to make your own Forex trading system.

Trading Forex is an activity which we will do in the long term, therefore we need a vehicle to achieve our goals. In Forex trading, Forex trading system that vehicle us that brings us to the purpose of profit all the time.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Forex 2 Crossing Strategy

Forex 2 Crossing Strategy - Forex Strategy 2 Crossing meaning we will open a position after the second crossing is a crossing MACD and Moving Average crossing. 2 crossing can occur at the same time or in the near distance. Distance near here is measured by the number of candle crossing between the MACD and Crossing the moving average is no more than 5 pieces candle.

Crossing the moving average is the moving average displacement position towards one other example from below into the above, or vice versa.

Crossing MACD is a condition where the MACD signal line out of the stem MACD.

Forex 2 Crossing Strategy can be used on any currency but preferably used on currency GBP / USD with Time Frame 1 hour or 4 hours. The indicators used in the forex strategy 2 of this crossing is the SMA 200, SMA 100, SMA 15, 5 EMA and MACD (12, 26, 9).

Rules :

1. Entry point. Please open position if two conditions are met:

a) EMA 5 cut SMA 15
b) occurs MACD crossing

Please note that 2 of this crossing does not have to occur simultaneously. MACD line crossing usually do first and then followed by crossing the 5 EMA and SMA 15.

If the conditions are not met then the second cross we do not need to open a position. We can wait until another opportunity arises.

2. We will only open a position after the candle closed, meaning that if the candle is still running / not yet fully formed even though two crossing it appears we should not open positions.

3. Never open position if the price distance running with SMA 200 SMA 100 or less than 25 pips and the direction crossing would cross the high school.

4. If the price is currently too close to the 100 SMA or SMA 200, we wait until there is a candle that value closenya .Before crossing the high school was never open position because if the trend is not too strong often the price bounces on the high school.

5.Exit point:

Closure of positions is done when it appears two crossing that can be used as entry point. This means that if today we have a position open and it appeared two crossing signal in the opposite direction of the positions that are currently open so that we do is to close the open position and then immediately followed by opening a position in accordance with the second signal crossing happens.

If today we have a position open, then pops up only one of two crossing, then we still maintain that position until it actually appears 2 crossing.

6.Stoploss. Place stop losses on either one of these:

- Point moving average crosses the line, if the distance Bid with MA crossing point over 50 pips

- At the close values ​​that stem its MACD highs, if the distance Bid with MA crossing point of less than 50 pips

7. Target Profit:

a) Please set as you want, if floating profit has reached 50%, you can use a trailing stop to secure it.
b) Use a profit target of 50 pips.
c) or maybe you do not set a target profit, then quit during a second crossing next.

For more details, please note the following picture:

Explanation of the picture:

# 1 - There followed MACD crossing Crossing MA (EMA 5 cut 15 SMA from below) so that the direction to rise, with a distance of less than 5 candle. As well as the price position away from 100 SMA or SMA 200. Here we could open a Buy position at the Open next candle with Stop-loss at the intersections of MA or the value of the previous candle close his trunk lowest MACD.

# 2 - There followed MACD crossing Crossing MA with directions to decline. Here we close the position that we buy and open the previously open short positions.

# 3 - There followed MACD crossing Crossing MA. After the candle close above the SMA 100, we close a sell position of number 2 and then open a buy position.

# 4 - There followed MACD crossing Crossing MA with upside, we open a buy position.

# 5 - There MACD crossing to the downside but not followed crossing MA, so that we leave open a buy position of No.4. the length of market movements, may your profit target has been touched.

# 6 - An MACD crossing followed Crossing MA to the downside. We open short positions. Or if there are long positions open then we close the first.

# 7 - There was a crossing MACD followed Crossing MA with upside. We open a buy position. If the previous sell position is still open, we closed first.

# 8 - Crossing MA to the downside but not preceded or followed by crossing MACD, so we still maintain a buy position open.

# 9 - Crossing MA with upside. MACD crossing because it is not followed then we do nothing. Besides the previous buy position of No. 7 is still open.

Because the strategy used type indicator measuring the trend then you can earn a profit if the market moves trending. But if the market moves sideways, it could be you very little profit or even a loss.

Good luck Forex 2 crossing strategy ....

Forex MACD Divergence Strategy

Forex MACD Divergence Strategy - Forex MACD Divergence strategy utilizes divergence condition or conditions of deviation from crossing MACD and MA as an entry point.

This strategy is suitable for use on the pair EUR / USD with Time Frame 30 minutes. However, you can apply it to other currencies according kesuakaan you.

Indicators used in this strategy is the MACD MACD divergence (5, 26, 1) EMA 3 and SMA 13.

Rules :

First: know a hill or valley MACD has happened that is closest to the current price.In normal conditions MACD shaped hill would also form a hill on grafik.Begitu versa, MACD-shaped valley will also form a valley on the graph.

Second: note the difference between the direction of motion direction chart with MACD direction. If the graph is moving toward a lower position than the end of the previous graph valley, while its MACD position higher than the end of the valley before then this happens MACD divergence with the direction upward. Vice versa if the graph is moving toward a higher position than the previous chart topper but the MACD his position was still lower than the peak of the previous MACD, then this happens divergence to the downside.

Third: after you see the divergence conditions, wait until the third EMA and SMA 13 occurs crosses (crossing)

Fourth: Once the condition occurs divergence formed and crossing MA, please open position sesai with directions crossing MA.

If drawn would look like this:

Standard target profit of strategy MACD divergence TF 30 minutes is 30 point. But if and apply on larger TF necessarily the target can be made larger.

Divergence conditions as above appears in the span of a little time, so for those of you who use the MACD divergence strategies need to be patient to wait. But the payoff is that the strategy is quite accurate so that more profit will surely come.

Good luck….

Forex Trend Trading Strategies With EMA

Forex Trend Trading Strategies With EMA - Trend Trading Strategies EMA utilize multiple positions Expotional Moving Average (EMA) as a benchmark in determining trends and entry point.

Trend Trading Strategies EMA are suitable for the TF at least 30 minutes. So this strategy could be called a long term strategy. At first glance this strategy similar to the strategy Sidus, but the difference is the use of RSI as a regulator of signal expired.

The key to this strategy is the position of a candle Close, sustained by a kind of trend going.

Trend Trading Strategies EMA can be used on any currency with the indicators used include:

EMA 80
EMA 21
EMA 13
RSI (21)

Rules :

EMA 80 is used to show the direction of the main trend. That is k ethic price is above EMA 80, it is called being Trend Up, as well as the price is below the EMA 80, it's called being Trend down.

EMA 21 and EMA 13 to provide the current trend direction.
During the 13 EMA stays above the EMA 21, then this is called being Trend Up.Vice versa.

RSI (21) above 50 indicates an upward trend, in bawah50 shows down trend.

Buy Entry point is:

- If it appears a bullish candle on the condition of the rising trend, with the required number of candle between the current candle to candle which cut its RSI 50 level no more than 5 candle. In other words, we will open a buy position shortly after the close value is formed with the support of the condition of the current price is above the EMA 80, the value of the RSI is above 50, as well as 3 and EMA 5 EMA is above the EMA 13 and EMA channel 21.

Sell ​​Entry point is the opposite of a buy above the entry point.

Exit point is when the EMA 21 EMA 13 cuts.

Stop-loss is placed on the value of the RSI candle close her do crossing

What if emerging EMA crossing that leads down when the price is above EMA 80 and RSI value is above 50?

Do not do anything ...!

Remember that this is not a strategic focus on crossing the EMA, but the bullish candle that is supported by the EMA as a trend indicator.

The advantages of this strategy is that you will not be tossed around by the side markets conditions the way, since when sideway, the conditions for the opening position can not be fulfilled. Additionally, since this is a trending strategy, so if the market moves trending, the profit you get very large.

The disadvantage is need extra patience to find the right moment to open a position. Additionally there is the potential for profit is not recoverable due to the closure position by the signal crossing EMA 13 and EMA 21.

In general, this strategy is low risk high return.

Good luck….

ATR Breakout Strategy

ATR Breakout Strategy - ATR breakout strategy is a strategy that uses information from the market activity of ATR indicator to determine the breakout. On the basis of an active market will move strong, it is possible to penetrate the boundaries of psychological level (support and resistance)

ATR Forex breakout strategy is more suitable for use on a time frame for 1 hour or more on the currency GBP / USD or EUR / USD .With indicators used are:

- ATR 14 periods (blue)
- Fractal
- Exponential Moving Average (EMA red) in the period 14, which is incorporated in the ATR.

How to combine the ATR EMA is on the left navigator window in MetaTrader you, open the folder indicator, click and drag the moving average indicator and paste in the ATR. In setting aply to select Previous Indicator Data. Like this :

When finished installing ATR, EMA and Fractal on a chart, then we did the analysis. The rules are:

- When ATR cut EMA from below then this indicates the market starts. Vice versa if the ATR cut EMA of the above then this indicates the market began to quiet or inactive.

That is to say when the line ATR line is above the EMA, it's called when a line ATR aktif.Juga conditions under EMA line is called being deserted.

- Furthermore, under the conditions described deserted support line at Low candle Below it there is fractal. Also draw a line resistance at High candle on top there fractals.

- Then wait until a crossing EMA with ATR. If after crossing the graph touches the support then we open SELL position. Also if after crossing ATR chart hitting resistance, we open BUY position. Like this :

- To Stoploss you can place it on the lines of support / resistance. and to target profit amounted to 2 times the distance of support and resistance.

Good luck ... ATR breakout Forex strategy.